The perils of internet dating

The room is as featureless as they come, just the table, two chairs, rather harsh fluorescent light. This focuses the attention wonderfully.
The man being interviewed sits slightly hunched, looking out of place. Just an everyman, out of his depth.

– So did you have any inclination that something might happen?
– Well, now that I think of it, it was all rather strange from the beginning. All these questions – I’m used to awkwardness, but they were a bit off-color. She asked about my health, whether I drink – I understand, you know, nobody wants an angry drinker – but then she asked if I have any scars? What’s that about?
– What happened then?
– Then we ate, she was very picky. Oh, she prayed before eating, I remember being surprised she was religious. Then there was this thing with the knife.
– The knife?
– She was standing up, to go powder her nose I suppose, and she fumbled with her bag. She dropped it, I helped her with it, and she had this big, scary knife in there. Black and wavy-looking – but you’ve seen it, probably.
– And you haven’t thought it weird?
– Well, it was rather bad neighbourhood, I thought maybe she felt safer with it. I haven’t really thought about it then.
– Did you think about it at all?
– Yes I did. Later, when we went to her place. When she was waving this knife around, telling me about the sacrifice I was going to be. If not for you people, I don’t know where I would be now.
– It was really just then, with you tied to the bed and her about to gut you like a fish, then you realized that something is amiss?
– Well, what can I say? She was hot.

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