The desert air carries minuscule, sharp dust particles that find their way everywhere, clogging air filters, abrading the windscreen on the bike, slowly turning his goggle lenses opaque. Out of sheer habit he turns his back to the wind, finishes packing up, then turns and watches the sun rise over the dunes. He should have started earlier, to make most of the relatively chilly pre-dawn, but watching the sunrise is about the only moment of peace the day will afford him.
Few minutes later the sun is up, so it’s time for a final check. He does the walkabout, checking suspension, brake fluid, air filters. GPS boots, finding the signal from what’s left of the constellation. Geiger counter works, its little LED blinking along with ticking.
Bike starts with a touch of the button and he rides north, towards the Baltic Sea.

[just a mental image]

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