We thought we’ve got them all.

Alpenfestung proved to be a myth, Byrd and his marines smashed the Neuschwabenland to pieces, and Russians stormed the Werwolfschanze in the Eulengebirge Mountains, burying whatever was in the Riese under tons of rock.

There were unclear reports – some sightings in southern Poland, the ghost rockets over Sweden, of course, but nothing came of it and they soon petered out.

The SS in the Antarctic fought hard, they’ve used everything they had (and boy, was that a lot), we chalked this up to their fanaticism and thought this explains it all. But when we checked the base later on, there were demolished passages, forever sealed by rock and ice, there were blind corridors, some of them with rails that ran straight into a wall. Some said that we missed something important. That all this fighting was a delaying action, buying time for their scientists and politicians. Time for what? No one knew.

Seems that they were right.

There was a new ghost rocket sighting over Baltic Sea last month – we almost had an incident with Russians over it. Candido Godoi had another twin birth, and our Yad Vashem contact swears that the man seen there is Mengele. Two weeks ago RAF managed to intercept one of their planes over the North Sea.

It looks that wherever the Nazis hid, they are back now.


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