The prime minister is dead, shot by an “as yet unidentified assailant” in her own bed. There were no other casualties, apart from the attacker himself. The guy infiltrated the parliament security zone, went through prime minister’s residence perimeter and avoided the patrols as they weren’t even there — Government Security Bureau is an anthill on fire right now: I was there, I’ve seen it. The media went completely apeshit with speculations: there is talk of terrorists and madmen, of course, but the “alien infiltrator” theory is currently the most popular. We have to allow it to spread, because the alternative is worse.

You see, we know who did it. It was one of our people.

Sgt Parker was one of the guys from second draft, as far as I know one of the few who are still alive. Distinguished service, multiple missions and so on, check it out yourself, you’ve got the clearance for it. He just cleared the quarantine — three weeks ago he got mind controlled during a mission and was on ice since then. He passed psych evaluation and was pronounced fit for combat duty.

After we confirmed the assailant’s identity, we backtraced Parker’s activities. About two hours before he went AWOL, he went to the containment facility. Surveillance videos show him standing at the Sectoid Leader’s cell — we got Parker on audio pickup, saying something like “mind read this”. Sectoid started wailing and cowered in a corner. Parker stared at the alien for about a minute, then went out. Thirty minutes later Sectoid clawed his eyes out and died from shock and blood loss.

So now you know why “alien infiltrator” is a preferable version of the events that night. We had to suppress this.

We also had to suppress prime minister’s autopsy results.


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